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Bar Codes Edge Marked Playing Cards Audio Hi-Fi Plastic Black Music Box Camera

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This is a real audio box which you can use it to enlarge the voice of the music or sound when you are listening to music or watching TV or movie.

While it is also a camera to scan marked cards, so that poker analyzer will analyze the bar-code marking and tell you who is winner.
I think it is a good object to install the camera for poker analyzer, as no one will notice that your Hi-Fi is a poker cheat device, because of the distance to scan the marked playing cards is very long. You can put your Hi-Fi to the position about 4m to 5m from the poker table in your casino or poker club and put it above about 1.2m of height from your poker table.

While how to operate this music box camera to scan side-marks bar-codes playing cards for poker analyzer? First, you find a good position to place your music box camera, while what is good position? First, the distance of music box camera you have to think about, for example, if your camera’s distance is from 2.7m to 3m, so you should put your camera to the position far from 3m to your poker table; and put your camera on the position above your table about 60cm. And then you test the camera with your poker analyzer, and adjust it, and find the best position where to put your marked cards, so that every time as soon as you put your cards on that position and the poker analyzer will analyze the cards and tell you the correct results with fast speed.

But how to adjust the distance to correct position? There is a remote control which you can use it to control the camera to move to left hand or right hand, move to upside or downside, and you can use the remote control to focus the marked cards, and adjust the image of marked cards in the poker analyzer more clearly, so that the poker predictor will analyze and give you result very fast.

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