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Brazil Copag Red Black Poker Size Plastic Texas Holdem Marked Poker Cards

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Copag marked poker cards is considered to be the world's best poker poker game developed. 100% PVC, copag time than ordinary poker length of 20 to 50 times the number of years. copag poker folding and tear. copag poker after being folded over will automatically regain its original shape , which is like the perfect transition Hold ' em is played the same . Copag 100% plastic playing cardspursue integrity under normal conditions would never compromise the game . This is an advantage of their products lies .Copag cards are designed specifically for the show !

Copag can easily shuffle and licensing to the players. However, the special back texture, but also provide good control for professional players and beginners. copag poker cards smooth surface, 100% plastic material, you can easily find the target to ensure that the players at the poker table. When you use copag cards. You do not have to worry about licensing issues.

Copag marked poker cards can be used for poker analyzer, poker scanner read this bar codes and analysis the results. Our bar codes cards will not show the invisible ink after playing, the invisible ink can last more than 2 weeks and can not seen by naked eyes.


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Poker cheat in cards game
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Casino cheating device
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Magic show of marked playing cards


1, Are these Copag playing cards original produce in Brazil?
Yes, we bought these cards from professional cards factory in Brazil.

2, How about the package of cards after marked with invisible ink?
The package will be same when we buy from original factory.Our professional worker will pack the cards carefully to make it looks as new original.

3, How long can I use these cards?
Our invisible ink will stay on cards more than 1 year.

4, How to protect these cards?
We suggest put these cards in Seal box to anti water and hot.

5, How to select the most suitable invisible marking?
Our experienced sales will help you and give the best suggestion.

All the products we provide use for magic show only, Please do not use for gamble. Action India Home Products reserved final interpretation.

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