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Casino Magic Radio Wave Cheating Dice For Private Mahjong Gambling

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It looks like the normal dice,but it can help you win in the game. You will know the result through the vibrator, because it transfers the signal by the vibrancy,which you may wear it on the waist.


Magic Show
Private Casino
Party Gambling
Private Mahjong Gambling


Easy, Fast, Soundless
It can control by yourself.
It is hard to be doubt by other people.

How To Use:

For example, we will make the dice(Point 3 and Point 5) to explain how it works. After throwing the dice, the result we can see is Point 3, the vibrator will shake, but if the result is Point 5, then the vibrator can not vibrate.

Equally, if the result is Point 5 after throwing the dices,we sensor machine will vibrate.However,if the result we get is Point 3,the vibrator will not shake.
A remote sensor can be used with two Radio Wave dices at the same time.
It can work about 2 hours.

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