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Grey Plastic Gambling Accessories YT K1 Wireless Spy Receiver And Talker

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Compare normal walkie talkie gamble cheating deivce, K1 have more stronger power than normal wireless audio interphone. Specail for backside scan cheating device, when we use camera read the invisible marking on backisde of marked poker card , our partner in another room will use No. K1 audio talker to tell the player who play in poker rooms. And player wear wireless audio receiver can listen what their parter tell by mini earphone, such as: 7 daimound and 8 heart were held by No.1 player's hand.

K1 can achieve a talking point, or a multiple received signal point. That is to say a K1 interphone can be paired countless K1 receiving box. Effective barrier transmission distance of 100-1000 meters.


1, Security Guard
2, Spy Voice
3, Gamble cheat
4, Supervisory control

Receiver box description:

1, Open the battery box on board
2, press the power switch, the power indicator light green said normal.
3, volume potential according to the need to adjust the appropriate size can change the volume.
4, channel select switch 2 channel

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