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Italy Dal Negro Plastic Playing Cards are made in Italy. In 1928 the Dal Negro family take over an Austrian-owned factory of playing cards that had been operating in Treviso since 1756.Throughout the years the artisan production of playing cards was developed by constantly introducing new and appropriate technical solutions.

We have more than 10 years experience in processing UV marked playing cards.No matter what kind of material and brand of cards,We can make 100% to reach your requirement.Italy Dal Negro Invisible Plastic Playing Cards are the same as the normal cards after being marked.No people can find the difference, and can not see the invisible marking without our special contact lenses and perspective glasses.

In the poker games,players who wear invisible contact lenses can see the number and suit on the backside of the cards.You can also know the number of your enemies’ cards which will help you to win in the poker games or in the magic show.


  • Casino games
  • Club cards games
  • Poker cheat in cards game
  • Gamble cheat in poker games
  • World poker tour
  • Private games
  • Poker match
  • Magic trick

Marking Styles:

  • (1) Mark big number with suit in the middle of the cards
  • (2) Mark 4 small number with suit in the four corners of cards
  • (3) Mark 6 mini number with suit in white corners.
  • (4) Can mark whatever suit you like if you have a large quantity.


  • 1. Which country is the Italy Dal Negro Plastic Playing Cards originated?
  • Italy.

  • 2. How’s these plastic cards?
  • They are good-printed ,smooth, durable,the second top Italy brand.

  • 3. Why I choose this invisible plastic playing cards?
  • Because it is cheap with good quality.

  • 4. Can you mark with good effect?
  • We can mark according to you.If you want good effect,we will mark a little deep.If you want to mark lightly,we will mark a little light.

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