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Italy Modiano Ramino Bridge Club Marked Poker Playing Cards For Poker Analyzer

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Action India Home Products has more than 10 years experience at processing uv marked playing cards.No matter what kind of material and brand of cards, we can do better and provide best service. Our company selected Modiano Da Vinci Club Casino poker cards and marked it with invisible ink. Our target is supply the top quality products and best service to our clients.

There is no complete playing card solution can be better then the Modiano playing cards. Made of 100% plastic, they are the most playable, durable, resilience. And they can washable, crimp and fade resistant, waterproof, can bear 100 times longer then normal cards.

This kind of card has red and blue decks. It is also commonly known as its wide size 2.50 inches wide, 3.5 inches tall. This product is individually retail packaged and has a plastic tray that holds both decks inside the box. This set is a regular index, it means the size of the pip (the letter or number in the corner of the card). regular indexed card has a smaller Pip but a larger picture in the middle , but the jumbo card is on the contrary .

We can mark code on the four sides of Modiano Da Vinci Club side marked cards. And if you want to know the point and suit of the card, the poker analyzer or software will be needed. Then you can know the cards of opponents and know the result. Any problem confront you, please ask us.


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1, Are these Modiano playing cards original produce in Italy?
Yes, we bought these cards from professional cards factory in Italy.

2, How about the package of cards after marked with invisible ink?
The package will be same when we buy from original factory. Our professional worker will pack the cards carefully to make it looks as new original.

3, How long can I use these cards?
Our invisible ink will stay on cards more than 1 year.

4, How to protect these cards?
We suggest put these cards in Seal box to anti water and hot.

All the products we provide use for magic show only, Please do not use for gamble. Action India Home Products reserved final interpretation.

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