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Marked Playing Cards Poker Scanner Orange T-Shirt IR Cameras With Four Lens

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This is a nice and popular T-shirt, as for T-shirts, it is very common products, everyone needs T-shirts, no matter how old are you. While our T-shirts are very different, as all our products are gambling cheating devices, so our T-shirts are the same, as our T-shirts are used with cameras to scan marked cards for poker analyzers.

Most of other cameras always are single camera, at most is double camera, while this T-shirts camera is with 4 lens, that is, it is a 4 cameras on the T-shirt. In that case, this T-shirt camera will have many advantages, as it is with 4 lens, so that it can scan marked cards with wider range, though its scanning distance is not very long.

As for this T- shirt 4 lens camera, it can be changed the batteries, so that it is very convenient for players to continually use, as they can change the batteries after its previous batteries out of power.

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