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Playing Russian Seca Game Three Cards Game In Pk King 518 Poker Analyzers

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Almost every people in Russia knows about this 3 cards game - seca game, this is very popular game in Russia. while how to play this seca game?

First, every player get 3 pieces of cards, then they will compare with the cards points, Ace is 11 points, so 3 Aces is 33 points, while 3 6s is 32 points; 10, Jack, Queen and King is 10 points, this game doesn’t need 52 pieces of cards, just need 36 pieces of cards, they discard 2, 3, 4, 5 cards. 3 same number of cards can plus their points of cards, such as 310s is 30 points; both of cards among the 3 pieces cards are with same points, this 2 pieces of cards can plus their numbers, such as 3 of heart and 8 of heart and 10 of spade, its points is 11, as 3 and 8 is with same suites - heart.

While PK King 518 poker analyzers are able to tell you who is first winner, also can tell you first 2 winners, what’s more, they also can tell you all the points of all players.

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