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Everyone uses lighters, every family has at least one piece of lighter, some use lighters to light cigarette, while some use lighters to light other things or use for other ways. It is a very very common object to be used in our life, but we always can make common objects into unusual objects, as in our company, we will install a mini camera inside the ordinary lighters. After we set the cameras into the lighters, the lighters will be lighter cameras which can be used to scan marked cards for poker predictors.

We will make lighter cameras as our customers’ requirement and make correct frequency for the camera, so that the lighter cameras will be able to work with your poker analyzers.

As for the scanning distance of lighter cameras, you will have some different options, as we can make 6 - 12cm, 10 - 15cm, 15 - 20cm, 20 - 30cm, 30 - 40cm and so on. We can make the lighter cameras with the distance you want.

As for how to turn the camera on and off, we can make mercury switch for you to turn the camera on and off, so that it will be more convenient for you to safe much power; and we also can make magnet switch to turn the camera on and off.

One complete of lighter camera will include 2 pieces of batteries and some chargers. Battery life is about 1 hour.

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