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Texas Holdem Marked Poker Cards Made By Plastic Jumbo Index

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Texas holdem poker is the game which all players know the open cards.There are at least 2 players and the maximum player is 22. 52 playing cards without jokers in one deck.Texas holdem poker stared in Texas Boos in 20 century. It is said that the local people invented for enjoying their time.Texas holdem card is for word-class entertainment.

when these marked cards work with analyzer, the analyzer will report the result of Texas holdem,no matter you play 7 cards or 9 cards texas holdem. when you playing cards with your opponents, is is very important to know the result so yu can enjoying the game better. And also it is a good choice for magic.


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1. why choose us?
We are manufacturer of invisible of poker cards, we are professional to mark these cards so can give yu good function.

2. How long can I use these cards?
Our invisible ink will stay on cards more than 1 year.

3. How about the package of cards after marked with invisible ink? The package will be same as original factory.

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